Alternative Press
"Jucifer wield a Sleep-like density and enough metallic power to jostle Ozzy back to sanity"

"As anyone who's borne witness to their earth-shattering, boundary-smashing sonic rituals can attest...Shit's intense"

High Times
"Delivering their trademark bone-crushing stoner metal riffage through a towering wall of cabinets"

"[Jucifer] pioneered the two-piece line-up long before it was considered popular or even feasible, especially considering the supremely heavy sludge they create. The level of oppressiveness and the angularity of vocalist/guitarist Amber Valentine's riffs are on par with, but predate, those of modern doom frontrunners"

"[Jucifer] have for nearly 20 years deafened the ears of all who see them live with a full-on assault of sludgy metal, even when their recorded output mined a more diverse path.

Las Vegas Review-Journal
"On their records, Jucifer is a dynamic duo: Pastoral pop, elephantine doom, spectral folk and buzzing psychedelia all figure into the band's by-turns-savage-and-serene-
repertoire.  Live, though, the band sprouts tusks and buries them in a loud, guttural churn that makes them one of the more overpowering live acts making the rounds. Wear earplugs or you could end up wearing a hearing aid instead."

REVIEWS FOR District of Dystopia (December 2014)
Metal Riot "just what the world needs right now.  the immediacy of any backyard or basement show jam around a burn barrel" 

"a full-scale assault on the very institution of democracy... the duo's wall of amplifiers redirected towards grindcore instead of their usual filthy doom"

Metal Bandcamp  "feral energy...there are few who can blend chaos, doom, death metal, noise and pure unrestrained energy into 1:56 and not miss a beat"

About Heavy Metal  "the first listen is overwhelming, the second one is demanding, and it goes on like that until the album becomes almost infectious, in a sinister manner"

Echoes and Dust
  "the sound of true DIY spirit... a little rough around the edges, but that’s part of the appeal; this is raw, angry, political punk the way they used to make it."
REVIEWS FOR за волгой для нас земли нет  (2013)

About.com Heavy Metal

"Plutonium heavy... explodes from the speakers like a mortar round with all the destructive force of an atomic bomb"  

MSN Entertainment

"A colossal piece of work"

Last Rites

"Sonic warfare... possibly the most complete album in the band's two decades of existence"

No Clean Singing

"Incredibly powerful, massively heavy, body-moving, and emotionally intense. Sludge/doom/death of a very high order"


REVIEWS FOR 'NADIR' (1994) (reissued 2011, 2012) 

The Sleeping Shaman
Jucifer - 'Nadir' 

Jucifer 'Nadir' Reissue CD 2011

 "...a gem of a release – a reissue of a tape they’d send out to promoters to try and get shows back in the early to mid nineties. Whether they knew it or not back then, it’s clear listening to Nadir that these guys had something that would set them apart and make them legends."

" Nadir is a raw recording, but it makes for a great snapshot of a band at their inception.  Essential listening for all fans of the band and all people who like the slow, heavy, sludgy stuff...a good example of musical archaeology at its finest."

Makeshift Reviews
Jucifer - 'Nadir'  "This disturbing masterpiece erupted from a crappy barely livable apartment in Athens Georgia. Its inhabitants lived the impoverished life of bohemians and channeled all of their energy into this five song album. Recorded pre-internet Jucifer’s two members had nothing to focus on but their art, and GODDAMN does it show. Nadir drips with a terrifying perfection honed by months of nightly practice. This kind of creativity only blossoms in isolation."

Repulsive Revolutions
They were staking out unknown territory all the way back in 1994...  There's still no-one quite like Jucifer.  You can already hear the telepathic level of tightness.  I've never seen a band so able to switch between droning guitar/drum atmospherics and shrieking blastbeat fury in time with each other without exchanging so much as a glance.

Spiral Shadow

Jucifer - 'Nadir'  "Raw distorted doom sounds with a hypnotic voice that do not sound outdated, but just really intense and highly addictive. Or, as JUCIFER describe their work on Twitter, "two person sonic destruction since 1993. 80 speakers + 6,500 watts can't be wrong."  Hell yeah!"


"Throned In Blood may very well be the masterpiece Jucifer have been building up to their entire career... a religious experience"

"The brutal performance and production of 'Throned In Blood' captures Jucifer at their finest... 10/10"

Metal Underground

"“Throned In Blood” is the first album that captures the pure essence of what makes Jucifer special and is an easy contender for album of the year"


"Throned in Blood is the record that Jucifer's live show deserves, as it is every bit as destructive, raw, and forceful as the band's monolithic wall of sound"